The Sphere may have found its rival: A Halloween light show in Dubai.

Sphere, meet light show

MSG Sphere, Las Vegas, U2

As U2 continues their residency, the Sphere has been the talk of the pop culture town. The new high-tech venue projects 16k resolution images across its screen. It's an immersive experience like no other, and there was no better band to open the new venue.

Social media posts show an equally high-tech experience. Geoscan Group puts on a drone light show in Dubai. These shows project images amongst the stars in the sky and create insane images.

For Halloween, the light show featured a skeleton nearly as tall as a skyscraper hovering above the crowd. It is the closest thing to a creature the size of King Kong scaling a skyscraper that's been seen in real life.

These drone shows from Geoscan can feature more than 3,000 drones. Businesses can book their own custom shows on their website.

The Sphere will likely reign supreme, though — at least for now. U2 is currently commemorating their 1991 album, Achtung Baby, with these Larry Mullen Jr.-less shows. Dutch drummer of Krezip is filling in on the drums for Mullen during these shows as the U2 drummer recovers from injuries.

U2 has brought a lot of attention to the Sphere. Not only are they one of the biggest rock bands in the world, but the visuals have caught the eyes of everyone. Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, and even Ed Sheeran have been seen attending the shows. They are set to continue playing the venue until at least February 2024 until another artist commits to playing there.