College students all around the nation should be excited at the promise of iOS 18 for the iPhone. Apple introduced its newest software update during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday to great applause from users. The update showcases the integration of “Apple Intelligence” along with a plethora of brand-new features and innovative ways to utilize your existing iPhone. As summer is in full swing and the new school year seems far away, Apple has rolled out an ideal update tailored for college students. Those gearing up for classes this fall should definitely explore its features.

Here are five new features from the iOS 18 update that should be helpful to college students in the fall.

You Can Now Schedule iMessages

Probably one of the most heralded parts of the update is the ability to schedule iPhone messages. As a college student, you often juggle numerous responsibilities and may unintentionally neglect reaching out to those you care about or the organizations you are part of. You might miss your best friend's birthday or forget to check-up on someone. It's not intentional, you just can't find to send that fateful text message. With the latest Apple update, you can.

By scheduling messages, you can now take your time to focus on your studies and activities on campus without worrying about forgetting to text your friends, family, organization members or other peers at the right time. The convenience of scheduling a message to be sent at a later time should work to improve communication if done correctly and should be a feature that is often used.

Text Messaging Between iPhones & Androids Will Now Be Easier

In college, dealing with a group chat can turn dreadful when one member has an Android, marked by the green bubble in the conversation. This seemingly trivial detail can be a source of frustration for many. One common frustration in iPhone and Android communication used to be the occasional bugs and the unequal availability of features between the two platforms. Fortunately, it seems those days are now behind us.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a new addition to Messages in iOS 18, enhancing text messaging between iPhone and Android users. RCS upgrades texting with Android by introducing features previously exclusive to iMessage, such as support for higher resolution media, larger file sizes, and file sharing. Users can now send audio messages, cross-platform emoji reactions, and benefit from real-time typing indicators and read receipts. Most significantly, the upgraded version includes enhanced group chat functionality.

The inevitable group chat you must engage in for the daunting group project has now been enhanced.

AirPods Get An Upgrade With iOS 18

Airpods are just as much of an accessory as any other clothing item you wear on campus. The wireless headphone is a must when you're on the move around the campus,a s it allows you to play music or podcasts at high quality or talk on the phone seamlessly and clearly. iOS 18 looks to make the experience with AirPod Pros even better.

Students with 2nd generation AirPods can nod their head yes or shake their head in response to Siri Announcements, a great feature if you're out and about and can't immediately pull out your phone. iOS 18 brings Voice Isolation to AirPods Pro, ensuring clear caller voice in noisy or windy surroundings. This feature is ideal for breezy yet stunning Fall days in the yard, or when you're at a bustling café enjoying Fried Chicken Wednesday.