Thunder news: Carmelo Anthony's reaction to seeing OKC locker room empty prior to Game 5
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Carmelo Anthony forgot what time Game 5 vs. Jazz started, showed up too early

carmelo anthony

The “hits” just keep on coming for the Oklahoma City Thunder and their starting forward Carmelo Anthony.

Coming off a very disappointing showing during their first-round series with the Utah Jazz — highlighted by a woeful 11.8 points in 32.3 minutes on 37.5 and 21.4 percent shooting from the field and behind the arc – there was apparently more bad news behind the scenes.

According to ESPN’s Royce Young, Melo showed up to Game 5 early… but left.

All things considered, you would expect Anthony to at least be a little humble and willing to try new things for the team moving forward since it is a virtual certainty that he would be opting into the final year of his $27.9-million contract. But the ten-time NBA All-Star quickly doused any suggestion of him coming off the bench, which complicates matters for the team that already has star forward Paul George’s free agency high up on their to-do list.