Thunder news: Paul George reacts negatively to Kawhi Leonard-DeMar DeRozan trade
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Paul George reacts negatively to Kawhi Leonard-DeMar DeRozan trade

Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, DeMar DeRozna

The San Antonio Spurs went through with the move to trade All-Star forward Kawhi Leonard to the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday morning that involved All-Star guard DeMar DeRozan being sent back in return. Paul George, of the Oklahoma City Thunder, has thoughts about this.

This has generated much reaction around the league regarding the deal that has changed the course of both franchises with each acquiring a superstar that can change the dynamics of their respective teams. The trade also saw Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star forward Paul George voice his displeasure with the move.

Although there is no clarity as to why Paul George dislikes the trade, it may stem from the fact that the Raptors had reportedly told DeMar DeRozan last week that they wouldn’t move him. This has shown the nature of the league sometimes — that it is a business that doesn’t always rely on personal connections.

George’s situation with the Indiana Pacers was a bit different, but he didn’t feel that the team had the best interest in building in a team that can compete for a championship that saw the departure of big man David West, center Roy Hibbert, and forward Lance Stephenson that helped them reach the Eastern Conference Finals twice. This had led to decide against inking a long-term extension with the franchise and ultimately pushed the Pacers to trade him last summer to Thunder.

Meanwhile, there was also poor handling of the health situation with Leonard’s quad injury that was the basis for how both sides got to the point where moving on became the only feasible option in the 27-year-old’s mind this summer.

All of this led the Spurs to move the All-Star forward to a destination that he reportedly doesn’t have any interest in playing. There are many wrinkles to this entire trade that may not sit well with George and possibly several other players in the league.