Paul George watched Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant film for chemistry
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Paul George spent time watching footage of Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant to improve chemistry

Russell Westbrook, Paul George

Paul George’s pairing with the reigning MVP Russell Westbrook was one of the most highly anticipated one-two punches that NBA fans hoped to see in this season after a myriad of trades and acquisitions during a busy offseason.

In order to prepare, the seven-year veteran opted to look into the chemistry between Westbrook and his former partner, Kevin Durant, to get a glimpse of what to expect playing alongside him.

“Just trying to get out ahead of him as much as possible, I think, is key,” George said, according to ESPN’s Royce Young. “That way, when he’s making plays in full court, I’m already in position, ready to receive the ball instead of catching up, getting my feet ready, trying to decide what to do. I’m ready to shoot or attack at that point.”

Westbrook’s frenetic pace is likely one of the hardest things to adjust to, as there is a clear difference in speed and motor from him to the next-best point guard, unless we talk about the John Wall’s of the world.

The All-Star point man is a one-way freight train from snatching the defensive rebound to high-tailing his way past defenders and finishing at the cup — sometimes even outrunning all of his own teammates in the process.

George’s biggest change will be keeping pace with Westbrook’s demonic speed and finding the right holes to take the proper shot or beat his man downcourt for an easy assist. The adjustment is perhaps one of the hardest to make, given the offensive juggernaut he’s proven to be on his own, which can be different from pass-first point guards like Wall and Chris Paul.

Durant and Westbrook didn’t always mesh smoothly on the court, which could prove yet another obstacle to overcome, regardless of how many film sessions he’s logged over the summer.