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Paul George asks Russell Westbrook for some colored Air Jordans

Paul George, Russell Westbrook, Thunder

Paul George went to surprise friend and teammate Russell Westbrook by trying on a pair of his signature Air Jordan shoes, the Why Not Zero.1 — but the All-Star swingman had a bone to pick with his very own pair after unboxing them.

“All I ask for is some colors, can I get some colors?,” said George. “Not the triple blacks, can I get some colors?”

George, who launched his own signature line of Nike shoes, just wants some color in his life, and these all-black pair of Jordans could be easily confused with a pair of bulky chef shoes from afar.

While Westbrook’s signature shoes have more than 10 different colorways, including designs specifically for Division 1 programs like North Carolina, Marquette and Georgetown, PG could only get his hands on this black-on-black-on-black pair.

Yet the newly inked part of this one-two punch approved of the fit and comfort of his new closet addition.

As the old saying goes: “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” as there might not be more gifts in the future.