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Video: Thunder’s Steven Adams does a hilarious American accent

Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams decided to show off his awesome American accent in a recent video that will have plenty of people enjoying a good laugh.

The New Zealander may not be from the United States, but it seems pretty clear that he has been hard at work at gaining a better grasp of the accent.

And he chose to have some fun with it during a promo video for FOX Sports Oklahoma:

He absolutely nailed it, don’t you think?

But while Steven Adams has always been great at producing humor off the court, he’s once again been a serious threat to opposing teams.

The five-year pro is averaging 15.1 points and 10.1 rebounds in 33.5 minutes per game this season, and that’s helped the Thunder to a 16-8 start in the new campaign. Adams is fourth on the team in scoring and is second in the rebounding department.

His size makes him a great asset as always for the Thunder as he’s able to make an impact in the lane on both sides of the court, and that should give Oklahoma City plenty of opportunities to have another successful season.

However, perhaps now the team has to consider what it will do if Adams chooses to give up basketball in favor of producing more hilarious promos with his excellent American accent.

Maybe that won’t happen right now, but with a little bit of work, Steven Adams will probably have Hollywood agents hitting up his phone so that they can take advantage of his skills.