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Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow, Jacksonville Jaguars

Tim Tebow an absolute blessing for Jaguars and Urban Meyer. You’re wrong, haters!

Everyone is big mad at Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars for signing begotten talent Tim Tebow to a contract that places him in the tight end room.

Good arguments can be made about how this might take someone’s opportunity or spot. Even more can be made about the nepotism clearly at play, as Tim Tebow hasn’t been in the league in nearly a decade and the only NFL coach willing to give him a try is the dude who coached him in college and is his literal neighbor.

Still, I’d argue some — certainly not all — the anger is misplaced. After all, for those complaining that Tebow is taking someone else’s spot, which he 100 percent is, is he just supposed to give up on his dreams and goals in the name of optics? Is he meant to say, “No, Urban Meyer. I’ve wanted back in the league so badly, and despite fully believing in myself that I can make the transition to tight end, someone else might deserve it.”

I mean, would you turn down a promotion at your job if you knew you didn’t deserve it?

1: Chances are you think you deserve it even if you don’t. That’s, you know, normal.

2: Ugh… you just wouldn’t.

Anyway, this post isn’t about bashing those who are bashing Tim Tebow, the Jaguars, and/or Urban Meyer. It’s why this might actually be a decent fit all over the place. Also, the misguided anger.

The tight ends currently on the roster are not exactly world-beaters. Will Tebow be better than backup tight ends with combined career catches under 100? No. Well, maybe? Given his athleticism, he might be more competitive than we’re giving him credit for. After all, after the initial weird success he had (thanks to talent around him) with the Denver Broncos, everyone and their mother argued for him to play another position because he was allegedly athletic enough to do so.

Yes, he’s older, but he’s clearly still in shape. Are we now just going to pretend his ability to move around vanished in the name of anger on the Internet.

Ugh… don’t answer that. It was rhetorical.

Also, this isn’t truly hurting as many people who “deserve” this chance more. As mentioned before, the tight ends on the Jaguars roster are one legitimate NFL player, then two other guys who are fringe talents at best. If they can’t beat out Tim Tebow in camp, isn’t that on them?

There’s also the fact that all the hoopla around Tebow has died down enough to the point he shouldn’t be a distraction via media tomfoolery. In turn, the risk versus reward thing is playing with house money, as no one would be insane enough to write a column about how Urban Meyer really brought Tebow to the Jaguars to compete with Trevor Lawerence…  at least I think so?

Gosh, I hope not.

Does Skip Bayless still write columns?

No one knocks Tim Tebow as a person. It’s just that he was an objectively awful quarterback who refused to change positions when he was younger. Now he’s older. A bit more washed like your dad, but still in shape and willing to play a position he might actually be semi-decent at.

If not any of that. If he’s absolutely garbage and whatnot, he comes to camp, spreads some good vibes, allows Urban Meyer to get comfortable at the NFL level by having someone in the room, then he gets cut. He goes back to spreading the good word or whatever he does.

This is only about something else, anything else really, if you want it to be.

Again, yes, all the claims about nepotism are fair. A bunch of questions should be asked, especially toward the direction of those running the Jaguars. But at the end of the day, I’m sure Urban Meyer did a cost analysis.

Bringing in Tim Tebow won’t ruin locker room spirits, he’s not going to cost a legitimate NFL talent a spot on an NFL roster, and if nothing else, I’ll get to edit him in Madden 22 to the position of quarterback, trade him to the Raiders, and watch as Jon Gruden attempts to survive in Sin City with a man who might burn within it the moment his plane lands at the airport.

Some guys like me, we like to watch the world burn. Chaos is good and fun and silly. Under the realization that NONE of this is that important, it’s why a dope like me is rooting for Tim Tebow to make the Jaguars. After all, it’ll be far sillier to see social media up in arms over this than all the real, more harmful baggage Urban Meyer is bringing to the table.