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VIDEO: Timberwolves rookie Anthony Edwards takes flight for massive tomahawk slam

Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards

Ant-Man? Or should we star calling Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Anthony Edwards “The Falcon'”? After all, with the way he soars with his rim-rattling dunks, the Ant-Man nickname might not fit him.

On Saturday against the Portland Trail Blazers, Edwards showed his insane athleticism once again after he went straight to the basket with no regards to his defender. Given his speed and burst, the Blazers couldn’t do anything but look at him as he stuffed the ball with authority.

More amazingly, the Timberwolves youngster did it with less than three minutes in the fourth quarter and the blazers leading just  by three. Talk about having no fear!

While the Timberwolves ended up losing the game, 125-121, Anthony Edwards’ recent play and performance should give Minnesota fans some hope about their future.

Against the Blazers, the No.1 overall pick of the 2020 NBA Draft finished with 21 points, eight rebounds and three assists. Moreover, in Thursday’s showdown with the New Orleans Pelicans, Edwards exploded for 27 points, four rebounds and two assists to lead the Timberwolves to a 30-point victory.

While Edwards struggled early in the season, which is why his peers Charlotte Hornets playmaker LaMelo Ball and Sacramento Kings guard Tyrese Haliburton are ahead of him in the Rookie of the Year race, he is clearly making up for it and making a case why he should still be in ROY consideration.