Karl Anthony Towns has been the man in Minnesota going on seven years now. But in that time the Timberwolves have made just one playoff appearance as an eighth seed, with little else to show for all the individual success Towns has achieved.

In this modern age of player empowerment, that's more than enough reason for Karl-Anthony Towns to warrant a trade request. After all, we've seen younger, less established stars ask out for less.

But KAT hasn't voiced any desire to leave the Timberwolves just yet. His recent comments only seem to confirm that he's still committed to building something in Minnesota.

Via The Athletic:

“I came to the Timberwolves and I wanted to win, so for right now, I’m just a great talent that the Wolves have possessed, but I haven’t really, truly done anything that has cemented me anywhere in Wolves’ history,” he said. “I’ve got to go win those games and those playoff series so I can show why I should be cemented.”

If that's not music to Timberwolves fans' ears, then I don't know what is. Towns even compared working through the struggles throughout his early career with his desire to play for the Dominican Republic national team over Team USA. KAT doesn't want the easy way out, even if it means success becomes harder to come by.

“I like taking the hard route. I like going the more rewarding route,” the Timberwolves star said. “I love being with the Dominican Republic national team. There’s a lot of things they haven’t done, and I’m able to possibly change that. The challenge is what I’ve always strived for.”

Karl-Anthony Towns sounds determined to make things work up north. The onus is on the Timberwolves organization to make sure the environment and roster are up to standard.