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Karl-Anthony Towns reveals why Timberwolves teammate Anthony Edwards has Magic Johnson potential

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Minnesota Timberwolves rookie sensation Anthony Edwards took the league by storm in his debut season. This is why it comes to no surprise that Wolves teammate Karl-Anthony Towns is all-in on the Edwards hype train. So much so, that KAT even likened his teammate to Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson.

Towns had nothing but praise for Edwards, saying that it’s important for the rest of the team to let 19-year-old’s star shine:

“It’s pretty simple. We can’t just let egos get in the way,” Towns said, via Chris Hine of the Sun Herald. “One of the things that made Magic Johnson so special was while he was given the spotlight by the media and stuff, he was right away to share it with everybody, and we’ve all got to be willing to do that.”

Edwards doesn’t exactly fit the mold of Magic Johnson in terms of their style of play, but as Towns expressed in his statement above, he seems to believe that his young teammate can reach similar heights as the Lakers legend. KAT also expressed, however, that he and the rest of the Timberwolves will also play a key role in Edwards’ journey to greatness.

Towns’ praise did not end there. He also went on to say that in his mind, Edwards is the Rookie of the Year:

“He’s showed exactly why he’s the number one pick and why he’s the rookie of the year,” Towns said. “So we’ve got to put our egos to the side at all times. We cannot let that get between us. We cannot let that be a story of amazing talents coming together and not making it work.”

For his part, Edwards is not short in confidence. That’s one thing he certainly has going for him. As a matter of fact, the highly-touted guard has already guaranteed a postseason berth for the Timberwolves next season:

“Yeah, that’s not even to talk about,” Edwards said. “We definitely [are] going to make a strong push for the playoffs next year.”

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done within the team and it’s going to be a busy offseason for the Timberwolves. Nevertheless, it’s hard not to get excited about what’s ahead for this squad.