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Timberwolves news: Rashad McCants shares classic story about Kevin Garnett in Minnesota

The BIG3 League heads to Los Angeles this week with Rashad McCants’ Trilogy squad attempting to keep their record flawless before heading into the playoffs next week.

As McCants prepares to take on Stephen Jackson’s Killer 3s at the Staples Center this Sunday, the 32-year-old took some time out of his schedule to talk with ClutchPoints in a wide-ranging interview.

Among the many topics discussed in the interview, McCants shared a story about his former teammate and recently retired superstar, Kevin Garnett. McCants played alongside the future Hall of Famer with the Minnesota Timberwolves and had this to say about the memorable moment when he found out just how intense Garnett was on a daily basis.

“[Laughs] Yeah, I do,” McCants said about whether he had a story about Garnett. “It was the first practice. I had hamstring pull, third-degree hamstring pull, so I couldn’t participate in Summer League or the first practice.

“We were there and I was sitting on the sideline. KG was just cussing at everybody. And when I say cussing at everybody, he was cussing at everybody including Kevin McHale. He was saying all kinds of ‘Come on out here and I’ll beat you down, too! You can’t guard me.’ Disrespectful stuff and Wally [Szczerbiak] subbed out, and I walked over to him, and I said, ‘Wally, does he do this all the time? Is this allowed?’ He said, ‘This is KG, bro. He does this every day.’

“KG is the second-best trash talker next to Gary Payton.”

It comes as no surprise that Garnett’s intensity never wavered even when it came to the first practice of the NBA season. The fiery Timberwolves went on to have an incredible career in the league and won an NBA title with the Boston Celtics before ending his playing days back where it started in Minnesota in 2016.