Recently fired Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg could once again become the replacement for Tom Thibodeau, as Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor has always been fond of his former player.

According to Tom Haberstroh of NBC Sports, the coaching recycling loop could bring feelings of deja vu if Taylor chooses to part ways with Thibodeau after the season.

Ironically, now that Hoiberg has that experience, he might be a candidate to replace Thibodeau again. A league source close to the situation told NBC Sports that Hoiberg could be a candidate to take over in Minnesota where he’d be reunited with owner Glen Taylor.

“Glen loves Fred,” the source told NBC Sports.

The former NBA shooting guard played the last two years of his 10-year NBA career in The Twin Cities, where he gained the respect and fondness of Taylor after knocking down a lethal 44.2 and 48.3 percent, respectively, from deep from 2003-05 before hanging up his sneakers.

Surprisingly, Hoiberg wouldn't necessarily be replacing Thibodeau as a coach, as Taylor could opt to split the powers of president and head coach (like many other teams have) and have Hoiberg run basketball operations, already boasting four years of experience shortly after retiring before taking on coaching his alma mater Iowa State.

Taylor Hoiberg “truly a class act and a wonderful person” and “one of my all-time favorite players [who] will always be a part of the Timberwolves family” — a sound nod of appreciation and endearment from someone who promised to closely evaluate his franchise throughout the season.