PFL Week 3: Andrey Koreshkov vs. Magomed Umalatov continues on the prelims with a fight between promotional newcomers Timur Khizriev and Brett Johns in the featherweight division. Khizriev comes into his PFL regular season debut undefeated winning all 14 of his professional fights meanwhile, Johns the former UFC and Bellator fighter has won each of the last three fights. With that said, check out our PFL odds series for our Khizriev-Johns prediction and pick.

Timur Khizriev (14-0)  is a Dagestani featherweight who has won all 14 of his fights fighting for respectable promotions like Bellator, ACA, and ACB. He has won three dominant decisions during his time fighting in Bellator's featherweight division. Now, Khizriev will be looking to make a big splash in the PFL's featherweight division when he takes on fellow newcomer Brett Johns.

Brett Johns (20-3) was a longtime UFC bantamweight contender until the promotion didn't resign him. He then found a new home in Bellator where he amassed a 5-2 record fighting in Bellator's bantamweight division. Now, Johns will be making his PFL regular season debut up a weight class in the featherweight division when he takes on Timur Khizriev on Friday night in Chicago, Illinois.

Here are the PFL Odds, courtesy of BetOnline. 

PFL Week 3 Odds: Timur Khizriev-Brett Johns Odds

Timur Khizriev: -325

Brett Johns: +275

Over 2.5 rounds: -275

Under 2.5 rounds: +215

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Why Timur Khizriev Will Win

This Friday night at PFL Week 3, the PFL fans are set to witness an intriguing featherweight clash between Timur Khizriev and Brett Johns. The undefeated Dagestani Khizriev has been unstoppable as a professional MMA fighter and he will look to keep his undefeated record intact when he welcomes Johns to the featherweight division.

Khizriev's grappling prowess is a significant factor. Khizriev has demonstrated time and again his ability to control opponents on the ground. His competencies from body lock positions and his effectiveness along the cage make him a formidable opponent for anyone who enters the cage with him. This grappling advantage is crucial against Johns, who, despite being a skilled Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, may find it challenging to match Khizriev's wrestling and control.

Khizriev's striking game should not be underestimated. He has shown a more fleshed-out striking arsenal compared to many grapplers, capable of jabbing well from both stances and integrating level changes with strikes. This versatility in striking could play a pivotal role in setting up his takedowns or scoring points on the feet against Johns.

Khizriev's recent performances also indicate his readiness for higher competition. His victories over seasoned fighters, including a notable win against Daniel Weichel, highlight his ability to compete and succeed at a high level. This experience against top-tier opponents gives him an edge in fight IQ and adaptability, which could be decisive in a fight against a tough competitor like Johns.

Khizriev's momentum and confidence are at an all-time high. Coming off a series of wins, including unanimous decisions that showcase his ability to dominate fights, Khizriev is in prime position to leverage his skill set against Johns. His ability to blend striking with elite grappling makes him a threat in any phase of the fight as he looks to get the job done this weekend in Week 3 of the PFL regular season.

Why Brett Johns Will Win

This Friday night at PFL Week 3, the PFL fight fans turn their attention to a highly anticipated featherweight showdown between Brett Johns and Timur Khizriev. While both fighters bring impressive skills to the cage, Brett Johns could steal the show and score the upset

Johns' experience at the highest levels of competition cannot be overstated. Having competed against some of the best fighters in the world during his tenure in the UFC, Johns has been tested in the fire of elite competition. This experience has not only honed his skills but also his mental toughness, preparing him for the pressures of big fights like the one against Khizriev.

Johns' grappling and submission game is another key factor that could lead to his victory. Against Khizriev, who is also known for his grappling, Johns' nuanced ground game could be the difference-maker, allowing him to neutralize Khizriev's attacks and potentially secure a submission victory.

Johns' striking has evolved significantly over the years. While he may not be known primarily as a striker, his ability to mix up his attacks with punches, kicks, and knees makes him a versatile threat. This striking versatility, combined with his relentless pressure, could disrupt Khizriev's rhythm and create openings for takedowns or striking combinations.

Johns' resilience and ability to come back from adversity have been proven in past fights. Even in tough situations, he has shown the heart of a warrior, pushing forward and looking for ways to win. This never-say-die attitude will be crucial in a fight against a tough opponent like Khizriev in hopes of getting his hand raised in his first fight inside the PFL SmartCage.

Final Timur Khizriev-Brett Johns Prediction & Pick

This should be a great scrap between these two featherweight contenders. However, the biggest factor here is the size and grappling of Khizriev. We've seen Johns get taken down and stifling against bantamweights like Danny Sabatello and now he has to take on a much more ferocious type of grappler in Khizriev. Ultimately, Johns will be looking to keep the fight on the feet but it will be only a matter of time before Khizriev takes him for a ride and just controls him for the vast majority of the fight to notch his 15th straight victory.

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Final Timur Khizriev-Brett Johns Prediction & Pick: Timur Khizriev (-325), Over 2.5 Rounds (-275)