The Tennessee Titans are easily the toast of the 2019 playoffs. The way they dominated against the top-seeded Baltimore Ravens is nothing short of remarkable. Derrick Henry especially deserves praise for the imposing running game he displayed to help the Titans win.

He finished the game with 195 rushing yards on 30 carries, and he was easily the most impressive man on the field tonight. However, Bleacher Report let everyone know that Derrick Henry actually achieved a feat that had never been attained before by any of the outstanding running backs in the NFL's 100-year existence.

He notched 182 yards and a touchdown in an incredible Wild Card upset of the New England Patriots. He also played incredibly well against the Houston Texans in their bid to secure the final Wild Card spot: Derrick Henry finished with an insane 211 rushing yards and three touchdowns to his name. He has easily been the most outstanding running back in the NFL over these past three games.

Tyler Ash of ClutchPoints noted how Derrick Henry thrived in an age where the running game has become more of an accessory for the pass. Quality quarterbacks are always getting picked high in the draft, and the running game has lagged in its significance.

However, Derrick Henry and the Titans proved that there's still room for run-oriented teams to thrive. The 26-year-old is playing incredible football, but there's still room for him to grow. If he manages to lead the Titans to a Super Bowl, then the renaissance of the running game is all but secured.

It's still unknown whether they will face the Houston Texans or the Kansas City Chiefs next week. However, everyone knows that Derrick Henry will still be trucking through the field regardless of who the opposition is.

If there is a Most Valuable Player of these NFL Playoffs, it has to be Derrick Henry.