The Tennessee Titans have had a rather bizarre off-season, to say the least. Their most notable acquisition in the offseason, ex-Los Angeles Rams WR Robert Woods, is coming off of an ACL tear. At first, that didn't seem to matter: after all, they still had A.J Brown to headline their receiving room. When Brown was traded to the Eagles, though, their wide receiver room seemed to suddenly be suspect.

The biggest question, of course, was Robert Woods. The ex-Rams star proved that when he was healthy, he could be a key piece for a title team. However, his availability was put into question due to his ACL injury. During training camp, the Titans got some good news from Robert Woods, as the latter had shed his walking boot.

In addition, Woods is reportedly targeting a Week 1 comeback for the Titans. This is an important development for the team, who had a bit of an issue surrounding Ryan Tannehill with talented receivers this offseason. When asked about his recovery, Woods had this to say.

“It’s more so just go and push it,” Woods said, via Ben Arthur of the Tennessean. “It’s strong enough. It’s repaired. It’s healed. It’s more so about actually just doing it… You almost want to like push it to the limit and see what you can do and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

We'll see just how far Woods' limit-testing with his banged-up knee. The Titans are hoping that he gets back into game shape for the start of the season without compromising his recovery from the ACL tear.