Following up on the Steam Next Fest last February, here are our top 10 game demos that you should try out for the June 2023 Steam Next Fest. The event is ending soon, so make sure to try the games out before it's too late!

10. Loddlenaut

Release Date: 2023
Developed by: Moon Lagoon
Published by: Secret Mode

Loddlenaut is a third-person underwater exploration survival game. Players will have to explore the waters of GUP-14, a planet abandoned by the mega-corporation GUPPI. The poluted waters of GUP-14 sorely needs cleaning up, and that's where the player comes in. They must swim through and explore the poluted waters, picking up bottles, cans, and plastics. The player can then recycle the trash to get bits, which they can use to upgrade their equipment and build some structures. They must also clean up goop.

Along the way, the player will meet Loddles, axolotl-like creatures that are looking for a new home. The player can also feed them fruits, which will change their apperance depending on which fruit they eat.

9. Ugly

Release Date: 2023
Developed by: Team Ugly
Published by: Graffiti Games

Ugly is a puzzle platformer whose main mechanic is mirror images. Players can place down a mirror fragment which spawns a clone. This clone mimics the player's position, and can switch palces with the player as well. Using this mirror shard, the player must explore through the seemingly abandoned mansion, and figure out the secrets hidden within.

We actually have an article detailing our first impressions of this game demo from the June 2023 Steam Next Fest. Give it a read to see if this is the type of game you would like to play.

8. Dicefolk

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Release Date: Coming Soon
Developed by: LEAP Game Studios, Tiny Ghoul
Published by: Good Shepherd Entertainment

Dicefolk is a dice-based roguelike game. In this game, the player decides the order in which any and all actions are carried out. This includes the attacks of the player's enemies. Dice rolls happen at the start of the game, and the player must control both sides of the fight. As such, strategizing your moves, as well as the opponent's moves, is of utmost importance. The player can change the faces of their own dice. This lets them adjust their possible moves as they fight throughout the game.

7. Moonstone Island

Release Date: Q3 2023
Developed by: Studio Supersoft
Published by: Raw Fury

Moonstone Island is an open world, agriculture simulation. If Stardew Valley, Pokemon, and card games had a child, it would be Moonstone Island. Players tale control of an alchemist who must complete their Alchemy training. They do this by exploring the over one hundred islands, planting crops, and taming Spirits. These Spirits are like Pokemon, which the player can tame to fight other Spirits and monsters. The player can use the various crops they plant and gather to create potions, as well as power-up their Spirits.

6. Stick to the Plan

Release Date: Coming Soon
Developed by: Dead Pixel Tales
Published by: Dead Pixel Tales, SpaceJazz

Stick to the plan is a top-down puzzle game. Players take control of a dog who really likes long sticks. Each of the grid-based levels has a goal that the player must bring their stick to. The player needs to figure out a way to get their stick to the goal. This includes turning around to fit in narrow paths, sticking the stick through a fence and getting it from the other side, and more. There are also additional features, such as manholes, which will make the puzzles a little bit more challenging. This game is one of the more chill and relaxing games from this list of top game demos from the June 2023 Steam Next Fest.

5. MythForce

Release Date: Coming Soon
Developed by: Beamdog
Published by: Aspyr

Mythforce is an upcoming Steam and Nintendo Switch game, although the game is already available in the Epic Games Store. It is an action, role-playing roguelike game. Players choose from a cast of characters, each with their own playstyles. They must then, either alone or with a group, explore ruins, castles, crypts, and more. Along the way, the player can get upgrades for their weapons, skills, and more, which should help them get through the carious dangers they will face. If you are a big fan of Saturday Morning Cartoons, then this game will definitely be for you. Try the game demo out during the last few days of the June 2023 Steam Next Fest.

4. En Garde!

Release Date: August 2023
Developed by: Fireplace Games
Published by: Fireplace Games

En Garde! is a “spectacle fighter”, with a focus on its swordplay mechanics. Players take control of Adalia de Volador: a legendary swashbuckler, dashing adventurer, and hero of the people. Adalia must fight her way through various enemies, before eventually facing off against the cruel Count-Duke. This game focuses a whole lot on swordplay and everyuthing that entails. This includes parrying, dodging, and more. Players must make sure to use all of their skills when fighting. Some enemy moves, after all, can only be dodged or parried. The player must also make use of their environment to even the playing field. After all, your are strongest in when in a duel.

3. Moving Out 2


Jesseyriche Cortez ·

Release Date: August 15, 2023
Developed by: SMG Studio, Devm Games
Published by: Team17

Moving Out 2, sequel to the hit game Moving Out, is now back with online play. Players take control of a F.A.R.T (Furniture Arrangement and Relocation Technician) who must do their best to carry out the tasks given to them. This can range from grabbing and moving furniture into a truck, or even wrangling and herding animals. The player must push, pull, grab, and throw their way to victory as they are trying to finish their missions in the fastest time possible. Although this game is playable solo, it's even more fun and memorable with friends.

2. Cuisineer

Release Date: Coming Soon
Developed by: BattleBrew Productions
Published by: Marvelous Europe, XSEED Games

Cuisineer is a fun little mix of restaurant management and action-roguelike. You play as Pom, a young adventurer. After returning from her adventures, Pom decides to return to her hometown. There, she discovers that her parents have sold almost everything inside their restaurant to embark on a trip. That's when Pom learns that she has basically inherited the empty restaurant, as well as her parent's debt. She must now become a restaurateur, and make sure that the restaurant thrives so that she can pay off her debts.

The player can unlock new recipes by doing quests for the townsfolk, while also gathering ingredients for the restaurant by adventuring into various locations. The mix of action-roguelike and restaurant management is a breathe of fresh air, and is very much fun.

1. Viewfinder

Release Date: July 18, 2023
Developed by: Sad Owl Studios
Published by: Thunderful Publishing

If you like games like Portal, then you will definitely like Viewfinder. Viewfinder is a first-person puzzle platformer, with quite a lot of surreal elements. While it plays like a normal puzzle-platformer at first, players will come to realize that there is more to this game that meets the eye. As they progress through the game, the player will discover various pictures, paintings, and drawings. The player can “place” these images into the real world, which will affect the how the world looks like. For example, they can palce down a picture of a building to create a bridge or ramp. Later in the game, they can even take pictures to try and solve the game's various puzzles.

That's our top 10 recommended game demos to try out during the June 2023 Steam Next Fest. The event ends on June 26, 2023 at 10:00 AM PDT, so make sure to try these games out before then. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.