Today's MLB slate is packed with action, featuring a series of matchups that promise to deliver excitement which gives us some great MLB strikeout props to make money on.  Starting off, we have the Twins facing the Nationals at 1:05 pm, a game that pits J. Irvin against S. Woods Richardson, two pitchers looking to assert dominance early in the season. Following closely, the Mets take on the Guardians at 1:10 pm, with T. McKenzie and J. Quintana on the mound, both aiming to rebound from their current records.

A notable suspension from yesterday's games includes the Baltimore vs. St. Louis match, which will be keenly watched by fans for its resumption and outcome. Meanwhile, the Angels and Astros clash at 2:10 pm, featuring H. Brown and T. Anderson, where the Angels will seek to improve their standing against the formidable Astros.

As we dive into today's games, we take a look at the strikeout props for today's games. With some good pitching matchups in this full MLB slate, there will be a ton of value. Let's check out what to place your bets on!

Here are the MLB Strikeout Props, courtesy of FanDuel. 

MLB Strikeout Props

Freddy Peralta: Over 6.5 (-122)

Blake Snell: Over 5.5 (-140)

Tarik Skubal: Over 6.5 (-106)

Freddy Peralta Over 6.5 (-122) vs. Miami Marlins

As the Milwaukee Brewers gear up to face the Miami Marlins today, all eyes are on Freddy Peralta, who is poised to surpass the 6.5 strikeouts threshold. Peralta's track record against the Marlins speaks volumes, limiting this Marlins lineup to just a .202 (9-43) batting average with 14 strikeouts (32.5% k-rate).

Peralta's current form provides further evidence of his potential to achieve this feat. With a strikeout rate of 11.6 strikeouts per 9 innings and a total of 64 strikeouts so far this season, Peralta has demonstrated his ability to dispatch batters with efficiency. His arsenal, highlighted by a devastating fastball and a knack for inducing swings and misses, positions him well against a Marlins lineup that has shown susceptibility to strikeouts.

Additionally, Peralta's recent performance trends, including a game with 8 strikeouts in 6 innings against the Cardinals, underscore his capability to rack up strikeouts in bunches. Given these factors, coupled with the Brewers' solid defensive support, Peralta is well-positioned to exceed the 6.5 strikeouts mark against the Marlins today.

Blake Snell Over 5.5 (-140) vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

As the San Francisco Giants prepare to face the Pittsburgh Pirates today, all signs point to Blake Snell surpassing the 5.5 strikeouts mark. Despite a rocky start to the 2024 season, Snell's underlying metrics suggest a pitcher on the cusp of a dominant performance. His fastball velocity remains a potent weapon, averaging 95.4 mph, which places him in the upper echelon of starting pitchers. This velocity, combined with his ability to generate swings and misses, particularly with his offspeed pitches, sets the stage for a high strikeout count.

The Pirates' lineup presents an opportune matchup for Snell. Currently, the team's strikeout percentage stands at 27.8% with 135 strikeouts (3rd most) against left-handed pitching, making them susceptible in this matchup against a high strikeout lefty in Blake Snell.

Snell's historical performance against the Pirates' current roster underscores his potential for a high strikeout game. Against the current Pirates lineup, Snell has limited them to just a .075 batting average (4-53) with 22 strikeouts (41.5% k-rate)  Given these factors, coupled with Snell's determination to rebound from his early-season struggles, it's reasonable to anticipate him exceeding the 5.5 strikeouts mark in today's game.

Tarik Skubal Over 6.5 (-106) vs. Kansas City Royals

As the Detroit Tigers prepare to face the Kansas City Royals, all signs point towards Tarik Skubal surpassing the 6.5 strikeout prop in today's matchup. Skubal's 2024 season has been nothing short of spectacular, boasting a 6-0 record with an impressive 1.80 ERA and 66 strikeouts in just 9 games. His WHIP stands at an elite 0.78, underscoring his ability to limit baserunners and create strikeout opportunities.

Skubal's pitch arsenal has been particularly effective, with his four-seam fastball generating an extremely high number of swings & misses compared to other pitchers' fourseamers. This, combined with his changeup and sinker, both of which also induce a high number of swings & misses, positions him well against the Royals. The Royals' lineup has shown vulnerability to strikeouts against Skubal who has limited them to a .233 batting average (20-86) with 25 strikeouts (29% k-rate).

Skubal's recent performance against the Royals on April 28, where he pitched 7 innings giving up just 1 run on 4 hits with 6 strikeouts, indicates his capability to handle their lineup. Given his current form, the effectiveness of his pitches, and the Royals' tendency towards strikeouts, Skubal is well-positioned to exceed the 6.5 strikeouts mark in today's game.