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Trevor Booker likes Pat Riley’s idea about reforming NBA lottery

The NBA Draft‘s lottery system has been under a lot of criticism ever since it was introduced in 1985. Ironically, the system was introduced to prevent teams from purposely losing to gain higher chances at the first overall pick. As things stand right now, the system has not fit its main purpose.

In addition to the infamous tanking for higher picks, the draft lottery has other controversies of its own. But the most notorious of them all was during its first year when the New York Knicks‘ envelope had its corner allegedly bent — in other versions, it was frozen to make it easier to distinguish — so they can get the first pick and select franchise-altering center Patrick Ewing.

Many fixes have been brought to the table and the most recent was the solution from Miami Heat team president Pat Riley. Riley proposed a tournament for the fourteen lottery teams, where the winner would receive the first pick in the draft.

A few days after his statement, one player came out in support of the idea on social media. Brookyln Nets forward Trevor Booker took to Twitter, expressing his support for Riley.

This might even be relevant for Booker, especially if he stays with the Nets, a team poised to be cellar dwellers up to the foreseeable future.