Tristan Thompson has been granted legal guardianship over his younger brother Amari. He filed for guardianship back in September after the death of their mother, Andrea Thompson, in January 2023. Their mother died from a heart attack in her Canadian home. Amari was living with her at the time.

Back in September, Tristan was awarded with temporary custody of his brother. It allowed the athlete to have “all the powers a parent having legal custody of a child would have, such as managing Amari's finances, traveling with him both in the U.S. and internationally, applying for American citizenship, deciding living arrangements and obtaining legal counsel.”

Their father, Trevor Thompson, reportedly has been absent from Amari's life since 2014.

“I have not had any contact with him since his separation from our late mother in 2014, and contact was minimal prior to that date,” Tristan said of his father in legal documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight. “My only contact with Trevor Thompson in the past nine years was a brief interaction when he appeared at my mother's funeral. I have no knowledge of his current or recent whereabouts.”

The athlete said he seemed legal counsel to track down his father “but they were unable to obtain any information about Trevor's current location or other relevant details.”

The NBA player contested that he is the closest living relative to Amari.

According to legal documents obtained by People, “The Court finds that it is not in the Minor best interest to be returned to his/her parents' previous country of nationality” of Canada, where Amari was born. The court also found “reunification” between Amari and Trevor is “not viable due to neglect, abandonment under California law.”

Amari, who is 17 years-old has epilepsy and must have care at all times to help him with his condition.

“Amari is a minor and has medical conditions that render him unable to take care of himself or seek gainful employment,” Tristan said in the documents per People, adding, “Appointing a guardian for Amari would be in his best interest because it would ensure that someone would be responsible for providing and fulfilling his basic needs,” Thompson said, per the docs.

Amari currently lives in Hidden Hills, California with Tristan.