With gameplay videos and images of Redfall making their way to Twitter on the day of its release, people are, unsurprisingly, not happy in their reactions to the game.

During the hands-on preview back in March, people had mixed feelings about the game. While some said that the game was fun, they also mentioned that it was something better played with more people. Some even brought up those hardcore fans of the Arkane games “may be a little disappointed at its less system-driven approach”. Someone else said that it was a “sad stumble from iconic studio Arkane“. Now, the day before release, gameplay videos and screenshots of the game have made it to social media. Judging from the reactions, people are not happy with the Redfall gameplay they are seeing.

Gameplay videos, like the one posted by derrick trotter, shows enemies going down some stairs without any animations. The animations do come back after they reach the ground, but it's still amusing seeing them glide down the stairs as if they were escalators. Another user, The Red Dragon, showed off the game's AI, which couldn't detect him despite being in plain sight.

Another user, Oyff, created a thread that shows off quite a lot of problems. From pathfinding to enemy detection problems, as well as showing off the game's “Deep and Engaging combat”, the user compiled various videos of just how clunky the game is.

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Some players were sad about how the game turned out. They “really wanted redfall to be good” but were sad to see the various tech issues. Others were already expecting the game to be bad, especially since they earlier announced that the console versions of the game won't have 60 FPS. Some have even taken to calling the game “Doom on the switch”, while others are outright calling it “freaking AWFUL” and “One of the worst games so far in 2023”.

We will have to see if the day one patch for the game will fix the problems that players are talking about online.

That's all for the reactions that players have about Redfall on Twitter. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.