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Twitter pokes fun at Bill Belichick’s patchy press conference attire

Bill Belichick Patriots

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick may be one of the most influential coaches in football history, but that influence hasn’t quite translated to fashion.

On Tuesday, Patriots quarterback Cam Newton — amongst the most colorful dressers on the planet — joked that he might start dressing Belichick if Newton hits his contract incentives.

On Wednesday, it looked more like another star athlete and fashion personality, Houston Rockets All-Star Russell Westbrook, styled the New England head coach. Belichick showed up to his media session in a tattered sleeveless shirt, sending (Wednesday morning NFL) Twitter into a frenzy.

Last December, Belichick was similarly roasted on Twitter for a donning a cut-off sweatshirt and cut-off sweatpants combo for a press conference.

Of course, Belichick’s cut-off hoodie became his signature look during the first half of his Patriots tenure. In 2005, he cited his “short arms” as an explanation for the hybrid sweater. In 2015, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports wrote a fascinating analysis of how Belichick’s contrarian personality manifests in various aspects of his life, including his clothing choices.

“After Reebok inked a reported $250 million deal as the official outfitter of the NFL…one of the tenets of the contract was that coaches would wear their gear…Belichick rejected the concept on principle, arguing that some NFL executive in New York shouldn’t be telling grown men how to dress…That didn’t mean he could ignore it forever, so when presented with all of the acceptable items to wear, Belichick purposefully chose what he believed was the least fashionable choice … the humble grey hoodie. He soon even chopped the sleeves off of it, often with crooked and sloppy cuts, perhaps in an effort to make it less attractive.”

No word on what Belichick will wear to his team’s Week 3 matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders (2-0) at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. Though it doesn’t sound like he’ll allow Grown Man Cam Newton — or anyone else, for that matter — pick out his outfit.