It has now been over three months since the Michigan football team raised the national championship trophy back in January at NRG Stadium in Houston. It was a season to remember in college football as it was the last year of the four-team College Football Playoff, and it was also the last year of the Pac-12. There are going to be a lot of changes next season, and there have also been a lot of changes in this offseason already in terms of coaching moves and the transfer portal. Now, spring football is well underway, and there is sure to be more transfer portal chaos in the second window.

In today's college football world, the transfer portal is one of the most important aspects of the game. Before NIL and the transfer portal began to dominate the college football landscape, everything was very different. Players weren't transferring to other schools because they thought they could get more NIL money elsewhere, and it was also much more difficult to transfer and often required the player to sit out for a season. A lot of players have good reason to transfer and shouldn't be punished for it, but with the new rules, some players jump ship when things don't go their way, and that's the big issue that people have with it.

People have issues with NIL and the transfer portal, but they have also brought positives to the game. It is good for players that actually have a good reason to transfer to be able to do so easily and not have to miss an entire season. Also, these players that are bringing in millions of dollars of revenue to their schools are getting paid for it. College football fans are thrilled too because NIL helped bring back the NCAA football video game. There are definitely positives, but there are still some things to work out to make this new era of college sports better.

Like it or not, NIL and the transfer portal are huge parts of college football now. With spring football winding down, the transfer portal is once again going to be a huge talking point. When the season ended, there was a lot of news regarding the portal, and the college football world is ready to do it all again for the second wave.

Ryan Day and the Buckeyes need 2024 to be their year

Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Ryan Day watches players stretch during spring football practice
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One team that has a crucial season coming up is Ohio State football. Head coach Ryan Day hasn't beaten rival Michigan since 2019, and fans aren't happy about it. Last year, the Wolverines didn't even have their head coach for the game, and Day still couldn't get the job done. Michigan has now lost pretty much their entire coaching staff and talent to the NFL, and the Buckeyes are absolutely loaded for the 2024 season. If it doesn't happen next year, then Ohio State might actually need to consider moving on from Day.

Ohio State football has already loaded up in the transfer portal as they have one of the best transfer classes in the country. The Buckeyes also returned a ton of talent from last year that was expected to leave for the NFL. Ohio State is in very good shape heading into the 2024 season, but here are a couple more players that they should think about contacting in the portal.

Jason Zandamela, IOL, USC

Ohio State football has likely had enough of hearing that they aren't tough. That has been the narrative around this program after their three straight losses to Michigan, and a big reason why is because the Buckeyes haven't been able to win at the line of scrimmage. They are loaded at just about every position right now, but if they are going to really stock up anywhere, it needs to be on the lines. That is where games are won in college football.

One player that they should look at in the transfer portal is Jason Zandamela who is transferring from USC. Zandamela is actually in the 2024 recruiting class and things quickly didn't work out with him in LA. He was highly-ranked four-star recruit, and he would be a great addition to this Ohio State football team. They have a lot of talent on the offensive line, and Zandamela could come in to add depth and learn behind some veterans. In a year or two, he has the potential to be a top offensive lineman in college football.

Stanley Ta'ufo'ou, DL, USC

Another USC player here. Ohio State football should consider Stanley Ta'ufo'ou in the transfer portal. Again, the Buckeyes have a lot of talent here, but Ta'ufo'ou is a grad transfer and he will bring experience in. He probably isn't going to end up putting up any crazy numbers, but he would be good for depth and good to add into the position battle. Throwing a hungry veteran player in the mix is great for competition.

At the end of the day, the Buckeyes don't need anyone else in the portal. They already have a roster that is more than good enough to win a national title. These are the positions that matter most, however. It'll be interesting to see what Ryan Day can do with the absurd amount of talent that he has in 2024.