The Miami Dolphins swung for the fences this offseason. They made some big upgrades to their roster, specifically on offense, around their young quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. One of those moves involved trading for star wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

Hill's time with the Kansas City Chiefs came to an unexpectedly quick end, but he has sounded thrilled to be teaming up with Tagovailoa and company in Miami. This has sparked a number of interesting comments from Hill since his trade, whether it be about his old Chiefs team or his new Dolphins squad.

The latest take from Tyreek Hill may just be his most outrageous one yet. Hill hasn't been shy when it comes to gassing up his new teammates, but when asked what he thinks of his new teammates, Hill compared the 2022 iteration of the Dolphins to the 2019 Chiefs Super Bowl team. Hill even went as far to say that he sees “the exact same team,” which certainly caught the attention of many NFL fans:

It's not a stretch to say that the Dolphins should be much improved from last season. Tagovailoa has all the pieces in place to succeed on offense, and Miami's defense has been one of the best units in the league over the past few seasons.

But for Tyreek Hill to compare a relatively unproven Dolphins squad to a Chiefs team that ended up winning it all is outrageous. Tagovailoa still has to prove he can actually succeed in the NFL, and this feels like a make-or-break year for him and Miami as a whole.

Miami seems like a fringe playoff contender at this point rather than a de facto Super Bowl contender. Tyreek Hill's takes have been crazy all offseason long, but this has to be the most absurd one of them all.