The big talk after UFC 273 is whether or not Henry Cejudo will come back and fight Alex Volkanovski. Many people are giving their takes on the fight and you can add former middleweight champion Michael Bisping to that list.

Michael Bisping dropped quite the truth bomb on Henry Cejudo while talking about the potential upcoming fight. He doesn't see Triple C having success based on his smaller size.

“Yes, great, dream big, the problem is you aren’t big,” former UFC champion Bisping said on his YouTube channel. “You’re not big enough to fight Alexander Volkanovski, I don’t believe so. You were a 125-er for a reason, you became the champion there. You stepped up to 135, that’s only a 10 pound increase. Stepping up to 45, that’s a 20 pound increase (and) when you’re a shorter guy that’s a large percent of your body weight and we saw a picture of him recently looking a little chubby, a little out of shape. Yes, he can get heavy, he can probably get up to 160, who knows? even heavier, but is that your optimal weight?

“There’s a reason why he picked 125, there’s a reason why he went to 35. Making 125 was probably very hard, 35 was probably his natural weight (but) 45, things start to get out of the desired weight, out of the optimal point, where you’re carrying extra weight which is gonna slow you down which is ultimately gonna make you weaker. In the short term make you stronger, make you heavier but as the fight progresses and you’re getting tired and you’re carrying all that extra weight around your mid section and what not, that becomes a pain in the ass,” the former UFC fighter said.

Michael Bisping concluded by singing the praises of Alex Volkanovski and pointed out how great he was at UFC 273. The Australian is building a very impressive legacy at featherweight.

“Alexander Volkanovski is the man,” Bisping added after UFC 273. “He’s beaten Max Holloway twice, took out ‘Korean Zombie’ in style, made it look easy. Prior to that Brian Ortega, what a fight, what a performance. The man’s incredible. Volkanovski has a record of 23-1, I don’t think Henry Cejudo would be the guy.”