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Alijamain Sterling fires back at claims he’s ‘faking s**t’ to delay title rematch with Petr Yan

Alijamain Sterling, Petr Yan

Alijamain Sterling has been getting heat for dodging a rematch title bout with Petr Yan. He has dealt with injuries for the longest time, but that has not stopped the vitriol flowing from Twitter. The taunting and words clearly got to Sterling and he fired back on Twitter.

“For the dummies saying he’s out for 9 months and the losers who says he’s faking shit. See you in October Peanut Butter Pan. Sincerely your champ, suck it and life goes on. “

Alijamain Sterling refers to himself as the champ and he is very confident in himself. The confidence is extreme as it should be for a fighter of his caliber. After his neck surgery, Aljamain Sterling is likely dealing with major pain and the recovery process for neck surgery is usually upwards of five months. For a fighter, that process can be even longer than. He will have to recover in order to defend his championship.

Alijamain Sterling teases the fight in October. This will be one of the more anticipated events of the UFC season and Petr Yan will look to take the belt from Sterling. Sterling is one of the best fighters in the whole UFC, but Yan is certainly a contender for the title.

Aljamain Sterling made it known that he is still the champ and that it is the job of others to take that title from him. He will have a long road to recovery from the injury, but he’s not ready to give up the title of champ just yet.