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UFC’s Daniel Cormier hilariously shows off his WR skills against Ryan Clark

UFC, Daniel Cormier, Ryan Clark

Typically Daniel Cormier is known for his greatness in the UFC and the work he puts in promoting MMA as well. However, on Thursday Cormier decided to show off his wide receiver skills against his co-host Ryan Clark.

In Cormier’s video, he shows off his hilarious moves in his attempt to beat Clark off the line. “On my CeeDee Lamb Shit! What ya’ll think I beat him inside!” Hashtagging “Moss” is the kicker though, as Cormier compares himself to one of the best young receivers in the league and one of the greatest to ever play in one tweet.

The best part might be Ryan Clark’s initial reaction. Clark has to step away in disbelief after Daniel Cormier shuffles his feet like he’s playing Dance, Dance Revolution. You’d think the UFC star would utilize some of his wrestling moves to bump Clark off the line, but no. The former Champ-Champ wanted to display his sick burst of speed instead.

The video has caught the attention of some other well-known UFC stars. In particular, Kenny Florian reacts with a laughing emoji, sparking Ryan Clark’s adamancy on how he’d lockdown Cormier in real life.

Although it’s hilarious, it’s probably best that Daniel Cormier sticks to the UFC and MMA. His football skills are lacking, but hey, at least he contains the same level of confidence NFL receivers have in the league. Regardless, he should let Ryan Clark show off the football skills from here on out. If not, the next step is to put on the pads and take it to the field.