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UFC news: Francis Ngannou’s brutally honest take on Derrick Lewis-Ciryl Gane title fight

UFC 265, Francis Ngannou, Derrick Lewis, Ciryl Gane, Dana White

UFC 265 is a huge card with two monster Heavyweight contenders facing off as the main event. Derrick Lewis will be taking on Ciryl Gane for the Interim Heavyweight belt, where the winner will go against Francis Ngannou. It’s an odd situation, as Ngannou was originally going to fight Derrick Lewis this August. However, after a minor injury, that matchup was called off.

Ngannou told UFC President Dana White he’d be ready to go in September. Rather than following through with the new Heavyweight champions request, White opted to create an Interim title for the Heavyweight division instead. Since then, Francis Ngannou and Dana White have been at odds.

Heading into this fight, the UFC is advertising the main event as a Heavyweight title bout. However, Francis Ngannou spoke his mind about the main event of UFC 265, per TMZ. Ngannou has finally brought what has been on everyone’s minds into words:

“It’s just a contender fight. It’s not an interim or whatever them guys are talking about. It’s a contender fight. They’re fighting for the #1 spot contender. It’s not a title fight for me.”

Everything Ngannou is saying is true. An Interim belt is not the real belt. Additionally, both Derrick Lewis and Ciryl Gane know that the winner will take on Ngannou down the road. The main event of UFC 265 is likely being called a “title fight” as a way to generate more sales.

Although Ngannou has called out Lewis and Gane, the current Heavyweight champion still looks forward to Saturday night’s matchup. “I think it’s a good fight. I like the fight. I like the styles. Opposite sides. It can be a fun fight.” Ciryl Gane and Francis Ngannou are former training partners, so Ngannou is emotionally invested in Saturday night’s bout.

Even though the Interim title is likely being used more as a marketing ploy, the main event of the evening should still be a spectacular brawl. It has the makings to go down as one of the best fights of the year.