When it comes to UFC fighter pay, Jake Paul genuinely cares about the issue at hand.

Paul is set to return to boxing action when he takes on Nate Diaz in an 10-round, 185-pound matchup taking place Saturday night in Dallas, Texas.

One person who will more than likely be cheering Diaz on is UFC president Dana White, who has been going back-and-forth with Paul the last few years over fighter pay.

Paul has been regularly campaigning for better pay in the UFC with White being his prime target. The former Disney star is even working on a fighter union to help with the cause.

That said, some observers feel Paul is doing it all for attention and clicks rather than genuinely caring about fighters who are underpaid in the UFC.

But as far as his brother Logan Paul is concerned, it's all 100 percent genuine.

The fighter pay issue, it’s all real. It's 100% real,” Paul told Sports Illustrated in a recent interview. “He really cares. He, as an innovator, understands that he can have a real, long-lasting impact in this sport, beyond just his own legacy, if he points his finger at the fighter pay issue.

“Now the person he happens to be pointing his finger at, at the moment, is Dana White, which in general, if you’re going to lead a campaign against something, it’s good to have a target. Which is why I believe he’s chosen Dana as the target because it gives him ammunition and his troops something or perhaps someone to rally around. But he really cares, man. He really wants to make a difference in the sport that he’s participating in, beyond just his legacy as an athlete in that sport.”

For now, Paul's efforts haven't sparked major change in the UFC…yet. However, there's still plenty of time.