There was a deep feeling of emptiness and longing that swallowed Pinehurst before the US Open action started. A fellow elite golfer, Grayson Murray, was noticeably absent amid guys like Scottie Scheffler, and Rory McIlroy playing. The USGA did all it could to commemorate the long and kind life that he had. Even fans from the PGA Tour or just general avid spectators of golf loved the gesture that was pulled off.

Grayson Murray was remembered during the US Open. It was not just a one-time ceremony or a moment of silence at Pinehurst. A sign was put up by the USGA to remember their friend.

“Grayson Murray. The USGA remembers Grayson and pays tribute to the playing accomplishments that merited his place in the 124th US Open Championship,” the plaque said.

It was all rounded out by the words that made everyone's heart melt in loving memory of Murray.

“Be kind to one another,” was engraved on the plaque and placed atop the wooden surface at Pinehurst.

He had rightfully earned his spot at the US Open prior to his unfortunate passing. He is within the top 60 of the OWGR. This meant that he was exempted from qualifiers and would have been competing against Rory McIlroy and Scottie Scheffler at Pinehurst. Despite having his name removed and replaced by Adam Scott in the field of competitors, they chose to keep his locker and put the aforementioned signage up.

The plaque echoes the words that Murray's parents put up to announce his death. It ended with a message that the USGA chose to uphold during what would have been his third appearance in the US Open.

“Please honor Grayson by being kind to one another. If that becomes his legacy, we could ask for nothing else,” they wrote.

Emotions flood out from the US Open faithful

This drew a lot of reactions from fans of the US Open and all of them were overwhelmingly heartwarming.

“In a world where the lives of those who die by suicide are usually (and sadly) hidden, swept under the rug, and shamed, this is so well done – we need open dialogue and conversation, and to honor those who struggled, to reverse these trends. Well done, @usopengolf,” a mental health advocate wrote.

“Nice touch from the USGA honoring Grayson Murray in the locker room this week at the US Open at Pinehurst,” a fan declared.

Furthermore, some were even touched by the fact that it was being done at his home course.

“There will be a lot of talking about Grayson Murray this week at a major championship being played in his home state of North Carolina. This is a nice touch by the @usopengolf,” Tim Donnelly said.

Moreover, it was not just the sports world that loved the USGA's gesture. Scottie Scheffler even got emotional after the news broke as he remembered their time together.

“The look on his face when I gave him $100 on the ninth green is something I’ll remember for a long time because you couldn’t wipe that smile off his face. Without a doubt, he loved being out here inside the ropes,” he declared.

Hopefully, this legacy of being kind will be upheld throughout the USGA's next competitions and within the US Open.