USC football quarterback Caleb Williams balled out in the Trojans opening game victory over San Jose State, adding onto the already incredible hype for his last campaign before likely declaring for the 2024 NFL Draft. The hype is reaching astronomical levels, as ESPN analyst is comparing Williams to quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson, via ESPN's First Take.

Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are three of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and Dan Orlovsky doesn't just say that Caleb Williams is like any three of them, but that he is a combination of all of them in one player. This is extremely high praise for the USC football quarterback, although it might be warranted given how impressive he is on the field.

It is pretty much a guarantee that whoever lands the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft is going to be taking Williams. After winning the Heisman Trophy last season, many believed that he would have gone number one in the 2023 NFL Draft if he was eligible to declare. He now has an entire season to bolster his draft status and potentially lead USC to their first bid into the College Football Playoff while trying to defend his Heisman trophy.

Stay tuned into USC football throughout Saturdays this fall in order to watch one of the more exciting quarterback prospects in quite some time. If Williams lives up to the hype like Orlovsky is giving him, then a generational quarterback will be arriving in the NFL next season.