The next upcoming game from Stunlock Studios, the makers of Battlerite, is V Rising, a vampire-themed survival game. The simple premise alone sets it apart from your usual build-and-craft, as vampires, of course, cannot stay out in the sun for too long. As expected, they’ll also need to drink blood instead of securing a steady supply of vegetables, and from the looks of the gameplay trailer (which can be seen below), it will also feature some slick, fast-paced real-time action combat.

V Rising Gameplay

Building a base also can’t be absent from a survival game, and V Rising will allow you to create your own vampiric castle. It also appears like you’ll be able to mount horses, and party up with some friends. What’s most impressive, however, is how dynamic the combat looks – it seems like it does take a lot of inspiration Stunlock Studios’ previous outing with Battlerite, immediately setting it apart from your usual survival game’s relatively simple click-to-hit then run away and come back type of combat. It looks like there’s a lot of different abilities and skill shots on display.

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An official blog post gives more insight into the game:

“V Rising offers a vast open-world, with room for at least 50 castles per server, where you can move freely between regions. The most prominent parts of the map consist of lush forests and open farmlands with villages and caves/dungeons. We’re also working with some visual storytelling, and you will be able to discover hints on the map from the past when vampires ruled the world. There will be bosses, as well as random encounters of patrolling humans and vicious vampire hunters. It’s a world of conflict where vampires, humans, and various creatures co-exist in a delicate balance. We have a faction system, so there will also be confrontations between different NPCs, bandits attacking farmers, wolves attacking bandits, etc. The mystery lies in what’s around the next corner, exploring the world and running into everything from bandits, the undead, witches, and werewolves, besides finding resources and items to upgrade your castle.”

Currently, V Rising doesn’t yet have a release date, but you can wishlist it on Steam.