VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) 2021 is nearing its exciting conclusion and soon we will crown the inaugural Champions—the best pro team in VALORANT on the international stage. Eight teams remain at VCT Champions Berlin, having proven their worth and making it out of groups. Now they vie for the trophy in a single elimination bracket. Keep checking back to this tracker so you can stay updated with the latest results from the VALORANT Champions playoffs.

The group stage already set us off on the path of much drama and shocking results, with upset victories like Latin America's KRU Esports dashing the hopes of fan-favorites Sentinels and cutting their Champions run short. Meanwhile, Team Secret, the representatives from the Philippines in the Southeast Asian region, made history by beating the odds and booking a trip to the playoffs stage.

As for North America, Cloud9 Blue is the region's last hope in the knockouts, with both Sentinels and Envy out of the competition early. On the other hand, the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region is standing strong. In a show of dominance, all four representatives—Gambit, Fnatic, Team Liquid, and Acend—still in contention for the trophy. Not only that, but these EMEA teams were also the top seeds out of their respective groups.

On paper, it seems highly possible that we will see an all-EMEA semis and finals, but can the other teams step up and pull off an upset?

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VALORANT Champions Berlin 2021 – Playoffs Bracket and Results

Acend vs Team SecretAcendAcendAcend
Team Liquid vs Cloud9 BlueTeam Liquid
Gambit vs X10 CritGambitGambit
Fnatic vs KRU EsportsKRU Esports

Quarterfinals stage results

  • Acend vs Team Secret
    • Acend 2-0 Team Secret
    • Maps: Icebox (13-8), Breeze (13-6)
    • Acend advances to the semifinals round
    • Team Secret bows out of VALORANT Champions 2021
  • Team Liquid vs Cloud9 Blue
    • Team Liquid 2-0 Cloud9 Blue
    • Maps: Bind (13-10), Ascent (13-11)
    • Team Liquid advances to the semifinals round
    • Cloud9 Blue is eliminated from VALORANT Champions 2021
  • Gambit vs X10 Crit
    • Gambit 2-1 X10 Crit
    • Maps: Fracture (GMB 13-7 X10C), Ascent (X10C 13-7 GMB), Breeze (GMB 13-7 X10C)
    • Gambit advances to the semifinals round
    • X10 Crit exits VALORANT Champions 2021
  • Fnatic vs KRU Esports
    • KRU Esports 2-1 Fnatic
    • Maps: Haven (KRU 15-13 FNC), Icebox (FNC 13-6 KRU), Split (KRU 13-8 FNC)
    • KRU Esports advance to the semifinals round
    • Fnatic is out of contention for VALORANT Champions 2021

Semifinals stage results

  • Acend vs Team Liquid
    • Acend 2-0 Team Liquid
    • Maps: Bind (13-6), Split (13-5)
    • Acend advance to the finals
    • Team Liquid is eliminated from VALORANT Champions 2021
  • Gambit vs KRU Esports
    • Gambit 2-1 KRU Esports
    • Maps: Breeze (GMB 13-8 KRU), Ascent (KRU 13-7 GMB), Bind (GMB 18-16 KRU)
    • Gambit advance to the finals
    • KRU Esports bow out of VALORANT Champions 2021

Grand Finals result

  • Acend vs Gambit
    • Acend 3-2 Gambit
    • Maps: Breeze (GMB 13-11 ACE), Ascent (ACE 13-7 GMB), Fracture (GMB 13-3 ACE), Icebox (ACE 14-12 GMB), Split (ACE 13-8 GMB)
    • Gambit take a bow as the runners-up of 2021 VALORANT Champions.