Valorant map Pearl's B Site will be getting a makeover as it is set to have an update on Patch 6.11 of Valorant. Here are all of the things that will be slightly changed in the Valorant Map, Pearl.

Pearl has been seen as an Attacker side with its post-plant potential and sometimes free pick off on execute without even having to see the enemies yet, especially on its B site coming from Upper Ramp. There's a lot of angles to clear after the Attacker side has successfully executed by just planting on site and going back to Upper Ramp for post-plant. Now there will be an upcoming change that would make it more difficult for Attackers to take site B and here's why.

The Patch 6.11 Update of Valorant will be expected to arrive on June 6, along with its map update on Pearl's B site. The changes will favor more on defenders this time as it has been more on the attacker side lately. The changes that will occur on the B site includes the Upper Ramp, Screen, Hall, and Tower Pillar. Here are all of the changes that will happen on each area and reasoning as to why it became more friendly to defenders.

Pearl Map Site B Changes

B Hall

Valorant Pearl map B Hall changes

The first change for Pearl's B site would be the entry to the Hall from Screen side. The Hall will now have a cover for defenders to hide, which would make attackers have an additional angle to clear before planting the spike. This will also give defenders more flexibility on which side they can snipe or strafe when dealing with B long push. They made the Halls also wider than before to have more space in this spot.

B Tower Pillar

Valorant Pearl map B Tower Pillar changes

The next change to the B site is the Tower Pillar found inside the site. The tower pillar along with its platform will now be wider to give defenders more space to hold and off angles to have while waiting for B long entry. The change for this is minimal but would require attackers to cover a wider area when dealing with defenders above.

B Screen

Valorant Pearl map B Screen changes

The third change to Pearl’s B site is the Screen, having more elements to it than before. The Screen is now wider and have impenetrable elements, which would save defenders from attackers spamming to the extreme left of screen for a potential free kill. This would also make the Screen's platform accessibly by any agent, which they can use for a different angle when contesting against a B push.

B Upper Ramp

Valorant Pearl map B Upper Ramp changes

The last change consists of having the platform on Upper Ramp on B smaller as well as having the sub-platform turning into a block in the middle instead of a ramp. This then makes attackers more vulnerable as they have lesser space to strafe on platform. The slope is also removed for defenders to have lesser angles to clear when diffusing spike, combating Upper Ramp. They also removed the corridor on the left of the block, which would only have the right side (coming from Attacker spawn), or the platform as a hiding spot for Upper Ramp. This would give more chances for defenders to clutch a planted spike for Upper Ramp.

These are all the changes that will happen to Valorant map Pearl's B site coming up in the latest patch update of 6.11 on June 6.

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