Maximize your chances of success on the new Lotus map in VALORANT with Viper, the powerful Controller Agent with our Valorant Viper Guide.

Valorant released a new map called Lotus that allows players to maximize their use of the Controller, especially with Viper’s Snakebite and other abilities, by implementing diverse tactics. In this Viper guide, you’ll be able to determine the best locations where to use Viper’s snake bite and what to do during clutch moments in the round.

When selecting Controllers, choosing Agents with post-plant solid potential is advantageous. Currently, Viper and Brimstone are among the most popular choices in the meta for this role. This guide will present some of the most effective Viper strategies for the Lotus map.

Viper is one of the powerful agents in Valorant. She brings unique abilities to the table, making her a formidable opponent for any enemy team in map lotus. She’s an excellent choice to use on the Lotus map because using her Snake Bite ability can help you secure a win in clutch situations: 

  1. Clutch Defense: Snake Bite is ideally used to control areas of the map, making it difficult for the enemy team to push and secure objectives. It can be advantageous in clutch situations when the enemy team is trying to take control of a site.
  2. Clutch Offense: Snake Bite can damage enemy players, making pushing and securing objectives easier for your team. This can be particularly useful in clutch situations when your team needs to take control of a site.
  3. Ultimate Ability: Viper’s Pit, VIPER’s ultimate ability, can control a large area of the map and make it easier for your team to secure objectives. In clutch situations, using Viper’s Pit can be a game-changer, allowing your team to gain a strategic advantage over the enemy.
  4. Map Awareness: Knowing the map and the enemy team’s positions. Use VIPER’s abilities to control areas, but always stay alert to enemy movements and be prepared to defend against any potential threats.

For the A-site lineup

As an Attacker on the Lotus map, it’s important to strategically position in the marked map to take advantage of Viper’s Snake Bite ability. By anticipating the defender’s spike plant location, you can position yourself to the right position, then look up on the marked area and release the snake bite at the right moment, making it harder for the defender to plant the spike successfully.

As a defender, once your team has planted the spike, you should position yourself in the marked area and secure your site to prevent any enemy from approaching. And when the attacker tries to defuse the spike, look up and aim your crosshair at the marked area, releasing the snake bite in perfect timing. With this, the attacker loses the chance to clutch the round.

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For the B-site lineup

Using Viper’s Snake Bite ability as a defender on B-site, your team should aim to plant the spike in a location where the Snake Bite will hit the attacker when they try to defuse it. To do this, Viper should be positioned in the designated area on the map and release the Snake Bite at the right moment.

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For the C-site lineup 

You can perform the Snakebite on the C-site from outside the attacker spawn. To ensure a successful landing, plant the spike in the central location shown in the image. Viper needs to aim the mouse at the marked area and release the snake bite once the attacker is trying to defuse the spike.

Finally, Viper is a highly effective Agent on the Lotus map in Valorant, offering a range of advantages through her Snake Bite and Ultimate abilities. It’s important to have map awareness and position yourself in strategic locations, such as the A-site, B-site, and C-site, and timing your Snake Bite and Viper’s Pit correctly to secure objectives and defend your sites.

We hope that you find this article helpful and that our Viper Guide can help you rank up. For more of our guides and anything else about VALORANT, you can find everything here on ClutchPoints Gaming.