World War I themed squad-based multiplayer game Verdun becomes the Epic Games Store's free game of the week.

Verdun is a realistic tactical squad-based first-person shooter with 64-player lobbies. The game is set in the historical site of the Battle of Verdun, and you and your squadmates will have to help each other to survive and complete objectives. For each of the four-man squads, there will be one NCO. The rest of the squad takes on different roles, which are different depending on which country the player sides with. The NCO, on the other hand, can call in support abilities like artillery barrages, phosphorous attacks, and smoke screens. While everyone in the squad work together to take down the enemy team, the NCO plays a vital role in flushing out enemies from their positions.

There are four game modes in Verdun: Frontlines, Squad Defense, Attrition Warfare, and Rifle Deathmatch. In Frontilines, where aside from fighting on the battlefield, players get to set the direction of the war itself. The sides of the Central Powers and the Triple Entente take turns attacking each others' territory. The side that gets to capture the enemy HQ wins the game. Squad Defense is a cooperative game mode where teams try to survive as many waves of AI-controlled enemies as possible. Rifle Deathmatch is the free-for-all game mode. Finally, Attrition Warfare is where the game's realism sets in – accurately depicting trench warfare the way it was in World War I.

Verdun will be free on the Epic Games Store from July 22 to 28, 2021.