It looks like hooping is not the only talent of 2023 NBA Draft top prospect Victor Wembanyama. Apparently, he can also drop nasty disses.

Ahead of his showdown with Scoot Henderson in a couple of G League preseason games, Wembanyama was asked about his biggest rival and the presumed no. 2 pick of the 2023 class. In a rather savage response, the French teenager praised Henderson but also made sure to emphasize the difference between him and the young playmaker.

“He’s really a great player. If I was never born, I think he would deserve the first spot,” Wembanyama said of Henderson, per Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press.

Now that is an all-time great quote right there from Victor Wembanyama.

Even better, his take has a ton of merits. There is a reason why the 18-year-old is considered the best prospect in the 2023 NBA Draft. Many even label him as the most anticipated prospect since LeBron James came in 2003.

Wembanyama's combination of size, skill and mobility is truly unique. He can shoot from long range, and despite being 7-foot-4, he doesn't lack in the speed department. His frame might be suspect, but it is worth noting that he stands out even in the defensive end–utilizing his physical tools properly to dominate.

As for Scoot Henderson, he is a true talent and floor general. His body control, ability to change speed, and dominance in the open court are dangerous assets that would have made him a top pick any other year. Unfortunately, Wembanyama's uniqueness just overshadows his talents.

Henderson will have a chance to prove Wembanyama wrong, though. As mentioned, they are going to face each other this week twice, with Henderson's G League Ignite facing Wembanyama's French team Metropolitans 92 on Tuesday and Thursday.