The Cleveland Cavaliers pounced on the Golden State Warriors Thursday night. It was bad enough that the Warriors only scored 11 points in the first quarter, which was the fewest points a team has ever scored in a quarter in the Finals since the shot clock was implemented.

The Cavs' victory evened the series 3-3 with the home crowd rocking and momentum continuing to swing their way.

To cap off an awful night, Stephen Curry was assessed his sixth foul in the fourth quarter, and he was ejected from the game for throwing his mouthpiece.

After Margot Kerr ranted on twitter that her daughter was elbowed in the head by a Cavs fan earlier in the series, their daughter, Maddy, caught fans on camera giving Curry the finger as he left the court.

Curry, an Ohio native, doesn’t have to wonder if anyone in Cleveland loves him; they don't.

Watch the clip of what over emotional fans do to opposing players.

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