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VIDEO: Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis plays in Venice Beach basketball league

It’s hard not to notice when Glen “Big Baby” Davis comes to the courts.

The former NBA player made a special appearance over the weekend in the Venice Beach basketball league.

Davis’ performance was very familiar for those who remember his time in the NBA.

There was a lot of backing down, using that size of his. Plenty of pump fakes, rebounding his own missed shot, and then of course, his patented little fadeaway. In many ways, it was the ultimate Big Baby highlight reel, if only he started crying at some point. Kevin Garnett was not in attendance.

Big Baby last played in the NBA two years ago with the Los Angeles Clippers. In 74 games, he averaged just 4.0 points in 12.2 minutes while shooting 45.9 percent from the field. From this video, it doesn’t look like he would be in position to give an NBA team much more if he signed on for next season.

A Big Baby comeback is likely not in the works.

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