This finals series brought about a lot of anti-Warrior sentiment, mainly because of the large increase in Warriors fans over the past couple years, coincidentally marking the beginning of the team's ascendence to the top of the NBA. Many fans around the league felt that “bandwagoning”, jumping onto any team that is successful at the moment, took a new level throughout the series and throughout this whole year.

In fact, the whole bandwagoning phenomenon reached national media attention when ESPN released its own quiz titled, “Are you a Bandwagon Warriors Fan?” Furthermore, ESPN incessantly receives comments about the disproportionate number of Warriors articles to other articles on every social media platform. Simply being a Dubs fan has nearly become synonymous with being a “bandwagoner”.

Yet, despite the love the Warriors received all year, nobody has truly mastered the art of bandwagoning as much as this guy shown below. After the Cavaliers stole the series from the Warriors in Oakland's own Oracle Arena, this “fan” performed a quick and efficient turnaround against the Warriors, which should be taught to all bandwagoners in case of emergency.

Watch below to see how to truly bandwagon at any game without even having to leave your seat.


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