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Video: Thunder fan disses Bulls’ Robin Lopez after ejection

robin lopez

Chicago Bulls center Robin Lopez was ejected Monday evening. On his way to the tunnel, an Oklahoma City Thunder fan attempted to give him a high-five and pulls it back at the last second.

Chicago is 7-23 on the season and last in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. They’ve been quite a mess lately, ever since firing former head coach Fred Hoiberg and hiring full-time staffer Jim Boylen. They’ve gone from losing by 56 to the Boston Celtics, to coach Boylen demanding a long practice after a back-to-back, to the players threatening mutiny and almost walking out of practice.

Eventually, the Windy City players developed a “leadership committee” to create a median of accountability¬†between players and management. Boylen keeps mentioning his ties to former boss and San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich and the players don’t like it in the slightest. Boylen’s slow it down, halfcourt drudgery of an offense should keep Chicago in lottery territory.

The Oklahoma City Thunder, on the other hand, are 18-10 and are third in the NBA’s Western Conference. They’ve had one of the best defense in the NBA. Paul George is a borderline MVP candidate¬†and even possibly a defensive player of the year winner. Steven Adams is so necessary for this team’s defensive scheme and Russell Westbrook has been playing better off-ball defense this season. It’s always been a concentration issue for Westbrook.