Former New England Patriots All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski has some wild predictions for the Minnesota Vikings. Gronkowski believes that if the Vikings lose to the Chargers this weekend and start 0-3, they will go through some major shakeups — including at the quarterback position.

During an appearance on the Up & Adams show with Kay Adams, Rob Gronkowski made the following bold prediction:

“For the Vikings, if they go 0-3, there's going to be some serious change at the quarterback position. They have a good team, but they can't finish, they can't win games. Their head coach is going to be staying there, he's only in his second year, but I feel like Kirk Cousins will be shipped out. Somebody's going to want to trade for him that's a playoff contender. He's a good player, he's putting up the stats, he's playing well. Kirk Cousins will get shipped out, and they'll be billing for the future, hopefully tank for Caleb Williams out of USC.”

While the Vikings may choose to trade Kirk Cousins or not retain him after this season, it's hard to see them going all-out and tanking for Caleb Williams. For one, tanking is not easy in the NFL. Regardless of what the Vikings staff and organization might want, the rest of the roster has to play well if they want to get re-signed or signed to other teams.

Additionally, Minnesota has a talented roster. They definitely have holes on their team, but they also have great players like Justin Jefferson and several emerging young ones. There are also other 0-2 teams, like the Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears, who are much more capable of tanking for Caleb than the Vikings.