The Golden State Warriors settled their Western Conference Semis series in six games. After taking a rather massive beatdown in Game 5 on the Memphis Grizzlies' own home floor, the Dubs were able to get it done in resounding fashion in a Game 6 that feels like a momentum booster heading into the Western Conference Finals.

The Warriors got big-time performances from a handful of members of their roster, some expected and better yet some rather surprising.

Here are the five best stats from the series-clinching Game 6:

#1 – Kevon Looney going full Bill Russell with 22 rebounds

The Warriors were out-rebounded 55-37 in their Game 5 blowout loss. With Ja Morant out of the Grizzlies lineup, Memphis went with traditional center Steven Adams getting heavy minutes after he played sparingly in the first three games of the series. Adams grabbed 28 rebounds in Games 4 and 5 combined. Steve Kerr decided it wasn't going to happen again.

The Warriors coach reinserted center Kevon Looney back into the starting lineup – and he didn't disappoint. The Warriors big man was a rebounding magnet, tallying 22 rebounds on the night. That marked the most rebounds in franchise playoff history in the last 35 years.

Looney led the board-gobbling charge that proved infectious for the whole team. Both Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins also breached double digits to help Golden State grab an eye-popping 70 rebounds for the game. That's the most by any team in any game this season.


#2 – Another Game 6 Klay Thompson masterpiece

Did any self-respecting Warriors fan expect anything less from Klay Thompson entering a series-clinching Game 6? These games are what he's built for.

Thompson poured in a vintage performance, leading the Warriors in scoring with 30 points with eight three-pointers on the evening. That feat ties Klay with three other three-point icons – Ray Allen, Damian Lillard, and Warriors co-star Stephen Curry – for the most playoff games with at least eight threes.

Calling it a vintage Klay Thompson performance isn't a slight on his current state. It's just that after two seasons of having him be out of action, seeing him shoot the lights out when they shine the brightest in the postseason after three years is just a treat to watch for Warriors fans everywhere. Game 6 Klay Thompson don't miss, literally and figuratively.


#3 – Draymond Green's surprising scoring burst

Draymond Green scored 14 points against the Grizzlies in Game 6. Normally, a player scoring 14 points isn't something to highlight. But those 14 points are a sight for sore eyes for those keeping an eye on Draymond Green's production of late.

Draymond's Game 6 scoring total is the most he's scored in the postseason thus far. The Warriors's defensive talisman was averaging 4.8 points through the first five games of the series. He had not scored more than six points in any of the games prior to Game 6.

That's why seeing Draymond Green put some points on the board and show some aggression on the offensive side bodes well for the Warriors going forward. He was actively looking to take advantage of the defense giving him lanes to attack and tallied 14 shot attempts on the evening, his most of the playoffs by far.

The Warriors are obviously better off with other guys taking shots such as Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Jordan Poole. But if Draymond Green can keep defenses honest and open up passing lanes, Golden State looks that much scarier.


#4 – All-Star Andrew Wiggins sighting

Andrew Wiggins didn't lead the team in scoring or rebounding. He didn't even have a single assists on the evening. But he filled the role he's held all season for the Warriors, and did so admirably in Game 6.

Wiggins poured in 18 points, 11 rebounds, three blocks and three triples. But his value was seen in the plus/minus category, where he led Golden State with a +20 on the evening.

On a team filled with dynamic offensive weapons and high-volume talent, Andrew Wiggins filled in the gaps necessary to help the team win. If he can continue to play like the catch-all competitor he's been for the Warriors this season, providing excellent defense at the wing position, then Andrew Wiggins can truly earn his All-Star status.


#5 – The Warriors dynasty makes more history

It's an undisputed fact that the Golden State Warriors are the latest dynasty to rule the NBA landscape. Now with their latest series win over the Grizzlies, they've etched their names in league history alongside all the other dynasties that have come and gone.

Golden State has secured their 21st playoff series win in the last decade of league play, a feat done by just six other teams. The common denominator between all the teams on the list is multiple championships.