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Warriors fans react after Draymond Green spotted training with Miles Bridges amid domestic violences charges

Draymond Green Miles Bridges domestic violence chargers Warriors Hornets

Miles Bridges is facing serious charges both for domestic violence and for child abuse. For better or worse, it looks like Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is staying in his corner.

The Charlotte Hornets swingman has been hit with three related felony charges after being accused of assaulting his girlfriend, Michelle Johnson, with their two children present to witness the said altercation.

After the recent news that Bridges had pled “not guilty” to the allegations, he was seen in an Instagram story with Draymond at what appears to be a camp being held by Green’s former Michigan State Spartans teammate Travis Walton. The two have remained close since both entering the NBA with the Warriors star serving as mentor to the younger Bridges:

It didn’t take long before the unspoken rendezvous spread across social media, with various Warriors fans chiming in on Draymond Green being there for Bridges. Majority of the reactions were tilted negative, with disparaging remarks against Green for still associating himself with the alleged abuser:

Some voices were also quick to point out that the girlfriend of Green’s Warriors teammate Andrew Wiggins is actually the sister of the alleged victim in the ordeal and mother to Bridges’s children.

But not everybody was peeved to see Draymond maintain his relationship with Miles. Some chose to see the good in their meet-up, with the Warriors star being there to potentially steer his friend to the proper mindset amidst all this. Others also backed Green for just being a loyal friend despite the accusations.