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Former Warrior Andrew Bogut speaks out on what it’s like playing in an arena with no fans


If the NBA resumes play in the summer, they might play games without fans just to be safe. Former Golden State Warriors big man Andrew Bogut recently played a game in the NBL with no fans at the arena, and he says it was “really strange.”

In an interview with Ethan Strauss of The Athletic, the Warriors’ title team member, opened up about his experience playing a basketball game with no fans in attendance:

“Well, to be quite honest with you, it was really strange, and I felt like I was 12 years old again, playing junior basketball. It was kind of cool in its own right for about five minutes and after that it was just weird; it was a weird situation. No atmosphere and it was flat. But at the same time for me, it was pure basketball in a way because there wasn’t a crowd that could get involved. The referees weren’t intimidated by crowd noises. It was kind of as pure as it gets from a purist’s point of view. But it just looked strange with a bunch of empty seats.”

The Warriors were going to host the Brooklyn Nets at an empty Chase Center, but the NBA suspended the season a day before after Utah Jazz enter Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus.

Along with Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, Christian Wood, Kevin Durant, and Marcus Smart are the other NBA players known to have contracted the virus. No Warrior has yet to test positive.

An NBA game with no fans at the arena would be so weird in today’s market. Only time will tell if we will see that type of game happen in the future.