The Golden State Warriors have yet to make any roster decisions this offseason, but they've already been dealt a huge blow with the departure of GM Bob Myers.

Myers parts ways after a dozen campaigns with the franchise. He served as the architect that ultimately built around Stephen Curry to form the dynasty in Golden State that ruled the 2010s. While he leaves now a year removed from a championship in 2022, the seeds of his potential exit have been growing for years now.

During his press conference following the announcement, Bob Myers admitted that it's been a thought ever since the team failed to complete their three-peat back in the 2019 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors, via Tristi Rodriguez of NBC Sports Bay Area:

“[In] 2019 we had been in the Finals five years in a row — and that’s a lot,” Bob Myers said Tuesday afternoon. “That’s exactly what you want. That’s exactly what you do it for. I had to figure out then what was left. Finals take a lot out of you. So four years ago I thought, ‘Can I keep doing this and how can I keep doing it?’

To Myers, it goes beyond just making a few big decisions. The mental strain and complete focus necessary to maximize Stephen Curry's prime and the Warriors roster around him while juggling a dozen or more other tasks is indeed a heavy burden. So much so that he had to compartmentalize thinking about the decision until after the season was over.

“But you think about it, I’ve thought about it. But really I wanted to go through this season just focused on the season and then when the season ended, I started thinking, ‘Do I have what is required to do it the way I know it needs to be done?’

Bob Myers will forever be immortalized as one of the titans who helped build something special in the Bay Area. Warriors fans won't soon forget the name.