Warriors news: Chris Broussard believes Kevin Durant is jealous of LeBron James
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Chris Broussard believes Kevin Durant is jealous of LeBron James

Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Chris Broussard

Kevin Durant’s recent comments about the “toxic” media environment surrounding LeBron James is causing somewhat of a backlash. Durant blames the media for the constant drama surrounding James, but Chris Broussard doesn’t agree with KD at all. Broussard appeared on “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd to discuss the recent comments:

“I think a lot of it came from jealousy because KD feels like the media doesn’t give him a fair shake. I would say that KD, now KD does a lot of great stuff off the court too. But I would say that the reason KD has gotten criticized is what? Having a burner account, telling a fan shut the heck up at a game. Those are the things you’re getting criticized for and LeBron is getting praised for doing legitimately good stuff.”

As Broussard points out, much of the media praise is about the awesome stuff he does off the court. The media treats James well, but how could you not? James is a great person off the court and the best player in the world right now.

Who isn’t jealous of LeBron James? He’s the best basketball player in the world and could potentially go down as the greatest player of all time. That’s a different argument for a different day, but there’s no doubt that he’s among the all-time greats.

Most players in the league should be jealous of all the success LeBron James has had throughout his career. Some might be jealous of how this leads to friendly coverage in the media.