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Warriors’ David West unsure if he’s retiring or not

David West

David West has been in the league since 2003, but after the Golden State Warriors clinched another NBA Title, West wasn’t ready yet to talk about his future. When asked about retirement West said that he is going to just enjoy the title, and worry about that at a later date.

It’s the second title that West has won with the Warriors, and signing with the team actually saved his career. West was ready to retire after the 2015-16 season, but when the Warriors came calling, he knew he would be playing for something and decided to stay in the league.

“I would have retired, man,” West said via ESPN’s Chris Haynes. “That would have been it, because I wanted to compete for a championship. I needed to experience that. So, if I played out my contract there, that would have been it. I was walking away. I wanted to feel like I was playing for something.”

West started his career with the Charlotte Hornets and he had a lot of individual success, but his teams didn’t. Before joining the Warriors, West had made the playoffs seven times, but failed to advance to the NBA Finals. During his prime, West was averaging 19 or 20 points per game, and right around eight rebounds.

As the years have gone on, his playing time has dwindled, but he is still a valuable option off the bench. He averaged 6.8 points and 3.3 rebounds in 73 games. If West does decide to come back, expect it to be with the Warriors or another contender.