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Warriors star Draymond Green admits animosity towards Dwyane Wade amid Team USA drama

Warriors, Draymond Green, Dwyane Wade

Draymond Green isn’t really the type that keeps his feelings to himself. This is exactly why the Golden State Warriors star just had to tell Dwyane Wade to his face about how he felt about Wade’s actions during Team USA’s gold-medal quest in the Tokyo Olympics.

Wade, now a part-owner of the Utah Jazz, wished Rudy Gobert good luck ahead of the prestigious tournament, which by his own admission, did not exactly sit well with Green. Speaking on Carmelo Anthony’s What’s In Your Glass? podcast, the Warriors veteran shared exactly what he did about it the next time he came across Wade:

“I bumped into D-Wade a couple weeks ago, and so I’m sharing this with you,” said Green, via Orel Dizon of Heat Nation. “Obviously, I know that’s your brother, but also because me and him talked about it. I said, ‘Yo, I gotta tell you. You was one of the people on my go-at list after we won, and I’m gonna tell you why. When we was over there, it felt like us literally against the world, including America. To see your tweet after all the s— France was talking, and you say good luck to Rudy Gobert, I ain’t like that s—. Then I screenshotted it, and I was gonna go at you.”

That would have been a pretty intense moment and I personally wouldn’t mind having been a first-hand witness to that confrontation. It looks like the pair settled their differences amicably, though. According to Green, he decided not to take a shot at Wade after Team USA won the tournament:

“But out of my respect for you, I couldn’t go at you,” Green continued. “But I said if I saw you, I was gonna tell you.’”

And tell him he did. Draymond Green is many things, but one thing he is not is someone who’s afraid to speak exactly what’s on his mind.