Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James are often considered as the faces of the NBA along with Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant. James and Curry have squared off against each other five times in the NBA playoffs with Curry's team winning three of the five matchups.

Many have wondered if LeBron James and Stephen Curry would ever win a championship together as a duo and during a recent episode of Carmelo Anthony's podcast, ‘7PM in Brooklyn with Carmelo Anthony and Kid Mero,' a Wave Sports and Entertainment Original, Melo and Draymond Green spoke about whether or not the duo could win a title.

Green gave his thoughts by saying, “I think you have mature individuals that understand each other. . .The basketball, I think that's the easiest part because you got a bunch of guys who know the game, ain't in competition with the next guy. . .You also have a group of guys that know how to win. . .I think that teams wins a championship no problem. Easy.”

Carmelo Anthony was a little more realistic in saying that there's no way that LeBron James would be able to join the Golden State Warriors. Anthony hinted that Klay Thompson is on the way out and that Green will be gone and all the Warriors will have is James, Curry and Jonathan Kuminga in a hypothetical scenario.

While Anthony is probably right, it's still fun to imagine two of the greatest players of the past decade hypothetically playing together.